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Planet Green Plantation Resorts in Wayanad can confidently claim to be the most beautiful of all Wayanad Resorts. Planet Green Plantation Resorts in Wayanad is nestled in the lap of Majestic Chembra Peak, towering 2100 above sea level and is the highest peak in Wayanad.

The view of Chembra peak from the rooms is a sight to behold. On the foot hills of Chembra on a cliff which gently slopes to a serpentine mountain stream, surrounded by lush tea estates and coffee and pepper gardens of wayanad, Planet Green Plantation resorts of Wayanad nestles like a charm which will take you away from all the stresses and worries of a city life. And true to its name, this could be the greenest place you would have ever seen.

A place where you could be with yourself or with your loved ones, where you could watch the pranks of monkeys jumping around or the occasional deer which comes to take a dip in the stream. Planet Green Plantation Resorts is located amidst a coffee plantation, surrounded by acres of tea estates, the resort in the sylvan and pristine provides you unmatched luxury in most pristine surroundings in Wayanad.

All the rooms face the majestic Chembra Peak in Wayanad towering 2100 meters above sea level. Emerald hills surround this picturesque resort on all sides. Nestled in a valley of coffee, tea and pepper plantations and a gorgeous mountain stream snaking its serpentine course through the resort property, planet green will provide you an out of the world experience.

Trekking camps are very popular as are archery classes, spectacular tribal dances as well as authentic local cuisines that taste best when cooked over a roaring campfire. River rafting, tea factory visits, and of course visits to nearby popular places of interest ensure that you will have a time of your life, and will want to come back to Planet Green Plantation Resort time after time.

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Planet Green Plantation Resorts in Wayanad can confidently claim to be located in the most beautiful location in Wayanad hill station.