Kurumbalakotta Hills

Kurumbalakotta is a monolith hillock located in Wayanad district at Kerala, India. Situated at 3,220 feet above sea level, the hill gives a splendid view of the scenery spread around. Geographically, the mountain is a part of the Deccan plateau and is in the centre of Wayanad.

Also, it is in the confluence of the Eastern and Western Ghats; the hill is very popular for trekking which has an additional tinge of adventure and caution as there is no perfectly paved path for trekkers. The mesmerising beauty of nature can be most enjoyed between September and March.

Trekking in the hill is a challenging adventure which all venturesome people would love. The landscape from the top of the hill is outstanding. It is the only place in Wayanad which gives the view of the almost half of the district. The rampant greenery spread around the city offers a mesmerising panorama. A view of neighbouring mountains like the Chembara, Banasura, Ambukuthi can be seen from the viewpoint on the hamlet.